People Management and Business Startup Advisory are two focus areas that define us at Success HQ. Having helped a number of clients over the years in the fields of recruitment and human resources management, we can identify the needs of your organization and proffer innovative, result-oriented yet cost effective solutions.

With a background in Human resources and strategy coupled with a matchless passion for the growth and success for SMEs, over the years we have helped several institutions; large and growing to develop organized structures which help them achieve success.

At Success HQ, we are your catalyst for success.

  • Mission

    We deliver innovative services and solutions that deliver tangible value-add to our clients

  • Vision

    To transform Africa by empowering individuals and businesses in africa to fullfill their potential

  • Values


    Team Work




Six things that make us special

  • Cost Effective: Our cost-effective solutions help SMEs save on valuable resources, such as time and money, while also meeting their needs, time frames, and quality expectations.
  • Focused on results: We work as partners to consistently ensure our clients are satisfied. Our disciplined, human-centered design approach and proven expertise will ensure you see real, sustainable results the solutions we proffer and ultimately your investment.
  • Innovative Solutions: No two organizations are the same, as such we develop unique, creative, and innovative solutions that address the pain-points of your organization.
  • Integrity & Confidentiality: We are true to our brand and we protect every information of yours in our custody with every sense of professionalism there is to offer.
  • Practical & straightforward: We have mastered the art of turning complex principles into practical tools, models, and approaches that are pragmatic, immediately applicable, and easy to use.
  • SME-Focused: Our experience and expertise in working with SMEs across Africa gives us the competitive advantage to provide scalable, sustainable solutions that help SMEs succeed
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People Management, Strategy and Business Advisory are three focus areas that define us at SUCCESSHQ.

We have helped several clients over the years ignite success and we are ready to help you too. We can identify the needs of your organization and proffer innovative, result-oriented yet cost effective solutions.

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